"my mother told me
to beware of drugs like meth
and little white pills
in miniature zip lock baggies.
but she never warned me
about the appeal
of dragging a blade across my skin
at 3 in the morning
and she should have warned me
about getting addicted
to the boy that would fix everything
for a few fleeting moments.
but now that you’re gone
i haven’t been functioning like i should
and the 3am breakdowns
are getting more frequent
and i can’t roll up my sleeves anymore
without the fear that someone would see
and dare to ask me why
because i can’t explain the feeling
that i got
when i read the message
from the boy that could fix everything
“i think we should see other people”
i think thats what broke me
and tore my heart out
and didn’t give it back."

its 4 in the morning and i miss you (via what-am-i-3ven-doing)